Wright Express Card
All Navajo Nation vehicles have been issued a Wright Express Card and all Navajo Nation permanent employees have been issued a pin number which can be used when fueling away from Fleet Management bulk fueling station. Each employees are required to attend a Wright Express Orientation before receiving their pin number. if you have any question(s), please contact Fleet Management Department. if the vehicle Wright Express Card is lost or missing, Department/Driver has to paid a fee to receive another card.

Fleet Management Policy Fuel Card (42.1k)
Wright Express Card Information (332K)
Rusco Card
The Rusco bulk fueling cards are issued to each Navajo Nation vehicles and to each permanent employees of the Navajo Nation. Both cards are needed to acquire fuel from the five service center’s bulk fueling station. If the card(s) are lost or missing, Fleet Management can issuing another card for a fee per card (make sure you have your Navajo Nation permit when purchasing another card). Rusco Card Instruction Form.
For before/after hours, weekends, and holidays, obtain key to gate for access from local Navajo Police District.

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Fleet Management Fueling Sites
Arizona-Chinle, Tuba City & Window Rock Fleet Service Centers; and Kayenta Police District
New Mexico-Crownpoint & Shiprock Fleet Service Centers
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