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Window Rock Fleet Management mechanic shop was established approximately in 1960 when it was known as Transportation Motor Pool. Navajo Tribal Utility Authority had used this facility before it has grown from four (4) service bays and an alignment bay to nine (9) bays and one (1) alignment bay.

Currently there are three (3) small front offices which serves as a supervisor's office, accounting office and service write up office.

We have sixteen employees (16) : one (1) fleet service manager, one office specialist, one (1) parts supervisor, one (1) parts clerk, two (2) fleet service workers and nine (9) senior automotive technicians.

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Priority Services

We provide and are responsible for the maintenance and fueling of all Navajo Nation Vehicles and certain chapter vehicles. In addition, we provide for towing and recovery service (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

Our maintenance includes a computerized service system that control over 100,000 pieces of parts and equipment. The preventative maintenance services "A", "B", "C", schedule depends on their programs to help reduced downtime, schedule preventive maintenance; contains operation costs, controls parts inventory and keeps track of labor activity and vendors usded.

We are responsible for approximately eight hundred (800) vehicles for maintenance and repairs.

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Neilson McCabe (928) 871-6427 Fleet Service Manager
Loretta Benally (928) 871-6428 Office Specialist
Alvin Begay (928) 871-6527 Service Writer
Senior Auto Parts Technician
(928) 871-6699
Lucas Bennett
Tire Shop (928) 871-6421
Rex Castillo

Maintenance parking is provided on the north side of the mechanic shop, after maintenance is requested, fill out a form with information on the vehicle.

Private vehicles are not allowed inside fence in area or service area.

Over night parking for tribal vehicles is okay, park vehicles in spaces available, not in driveways. Fleet Management is not responsible for any items stolen or damage.

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