Crownpoint Agency - About Us
Crownpoint Fleet Management was built in 1976, formerly known as "Motor Pool". The Service Center is within the Division of General Services.


Crownpoint Service Center is located in the Eastern part of the Navajo Nation. Crownpoint Service Center is located on the north side of Crownpoint on Hwy 371, and Route 9 West just right across Bashas.

Contact Us

Crownpoint Service Center
P.O. Drawer 1728,
Crownpoint, New Mexico 87313

Shipping Address
Crownpoint Fleet Service Center
HWY 371, North Route 9
Crownpoint, NM 87313

Phone: (505) 786-2270
             (505) 786-2271

Fax: (505) 786-2275

Crownpoint Sign

Bernice Tolth, Manager (PH: 505-786-2270/2271)
Joe Tisi, Jr., Senior Automotive Technician
Leah Benally, Senior Parts Technician (PH: 505-786-2272)
Regina Willetto, Service Writer (PH: 505-786-2274)
Maintain and service about 220 vehicles, which includes Emergency vehicles, Headstart Buses, other Tribal Entities through contract agreement. We also provide bulk Unleaded and Diesel fuel.

The parking of Navajo Nation vehicles at the drivers residence is PROHIBITED, except with documentation obtained from both, the Motor Vehicle Review Board, and the Department of Fleet Management.

The parking of Navajo Nation vehicles in restricted areas is of concern; those areas that may discredit to or reflect upon the Navajo Nation must be avoided. The parking of Navajo Nation vehicles in HANDICAP zones without proper identification is prohibited.

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