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Navajo Nation Fleet Management serves the Navajo Nation government with ground transportation. Fleet Management was established in 1970’s and has grown tremendously. Our fleet organization is operated on an internal service fund with a zero base budgeting.
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Mailing Address:

Chinle Fleet Management
P.O. Box 1930,
Chinle, Arizona 86503

Shipping Address:

Chinle Fleet Management
Hwy 191 Fire Station Road
Chinle, Arizona 86503

Office Specialist
Fleet Service Manager
Service Writer/Shop
Parts Technician

(928) 674 - 2204
(928) 674 - 2205
(928) 674 - 2206
(928) 674 - 2207
(928) 674 - 2208

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Business Hours

Gate will be open at 7am and close at 6pm.
Office related business is from 8am-5pm.

In case you need to access the Fleet yard for parking anytime after hours or weekend, Police Dispatcher will have key to the gate available.

Services Offered

Provide vehicle maintenance and Services for Navajo Nation Departments and Programs including other entities throughout contract agreement. Contact Service Writer for work order process and complete repair and service.

Unleaded fuel available 7am-6pm. For Emergency Vehicles (24 hrs./ 7 days)

Provide vehicle rentals and courtesy loaners available

Vehicle Towing Service (24 hrs./7 days). After hours and weekend, call Police Dispatcher.

Wright Express Orientation (See Announcement for schedule)

Vehicle Roadside Service (Include vehicle pullouts). Always give a good information of a location (i.e. road # or name, milepost #, distant, and name of area). FYI-Lock outs will be charge to the department no mater where.

Provide lighted and secured parking for Navajo Nation vehicles. Lock vehicles when park in the yard

Fleet provides the following vehicle class for rental to Navajo Nation Departments and Programs: Passenger cars, Vans, SUVs, 2WD and 4WD Trucks.
Vehicle Manual

Vehicle Manual provides valuable information about using the vehicle if new features are equipped.

Recommend drivers to use Vehicle Service Sticker on windshield to keep update with scheduled service. Excessive mileage past due on scheduled service will be report to Fleet Management Department.

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